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learn to trade forex - 2- 3 Years experience required. - Minimum Bachelor's degree; MBA or related graduates also encouraged to apply - Detail-oriented, highly-motivated, independent employee and interested in working in a cross-functional team - Willing to the fast-paced, high-pressure environment of a start-up in steel. - Will be working on his creativity and talent. Required Skill set: - A person with Right Attitude, High Energy Level and High response time is desired for the said profile - Should have a Dynamic work attitude. - Leadership Quality. - Dynamic personality. http://www.iimjobs.com/j/quant-analyst-equities-4-9-yrs-191450.html?ref=tw

"Equities Will Be Devastated" Crispin Odey Warns, Looming Recession Will Be "Remembered For 100 Years" | Zero Hedge

BDI = 942 (+71 pts) BCI = 1882 (+336 pts / 21.73%) spot rates $13,677 (+1859) BPI = 739 (+65) spot rates $5,883 (+522) BSI = 861 (+16) spot rates $9,004 (+165) BHSI = 376 (+3) spot rates $5,590 (+41) Dry this one FFA: From our man Martin at FIS Levels have pushed up hard, led by Capes on good volume. The Cape 4tc posted +1890 to 12,793/day and bids have been active from the start reaching 26250 on the Q4 but now seeing slightly better offers. Traders are expecting Pmx/Smx to be moderately higher while Smx may be slightly firmer. Sep is trading up 11% on Capes, 5% stronger on Pmx, 3% higher on Smx, and flat on Handy. http://www.tonmiletrader.com/

Quant Analyst - Equities (4-9 yrs)

Why? Because when the Anglo-Saxon central banks lowered interest rates from 5.25% to effectively zero, they put the equivalent of 30% of net income into the hands of the overborrowed. There were other QE measures taken but this was the important one. Today we get excited about what Draghi is going to with his QE plans for Europe. However, buying government bonds yielding 1.2% does not move the dial for European borrowers. Moreover it is almost impossible with negative short rates of 0.2%, because why would anyone sell a bond to the govern-ment, even if the yield is only 0.4%, to get a 0.2% yield on their cash? It looks like Draghis measures will disappoint markets. Faced with a deflationary bust, monetary policy will prove to be but pushing on a string. There will be a strong temptation for individual countries to act independently of each other to soften the downturn. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-01-27/equities-will-be-devastated-crispin-odey-warns-looming-recession-will-be-remembered-

Asia-Pacific Property Equities Fund Class I2 - Acc Henderson Horizon Fund SICAV Investment Analysis

The index is calculated using a weighted algorithm of high, medium, and low value electronic traffic and responses to situations and questions which provide scenarios of the likelihood of investment in specific investment markets and instruments over a period of 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, and so forth. Clearly as the time period extends the degree of certainty diminishes. Positive changes in index values indicate more profitable investment targets, and negative index values indicate investments to avoid. The Confidence Index provides data on individual investment instruments in specific target countries; as well as the drivers in the movement of the index (upwards or downwards). A subsidiary certainty index is attached to each Confidence Index data which shows the historic correlation between the Confidence Index and the actual evolution of the investment instruments and/or the target country. The Confidence Index is a real-time application which is accessed on fixed computer systems or as a Mobile App. Users receive a continual ticker-tape output which reports the Confidence Index for various debt, equity, and derivative securities; and other assets (for example, property price movements for each city). The data feed can be filtered by the user to concentrate on individual investments or individual countries. The real-time feed is automatically aggregated by the application to provide time series analyses, graphics, and user defined forecasts. Omniscience is a DataGroup brand. Copyright by DataGroup Stiftung. All rights reserved. http://dg-di.co/FND/016340.htm