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Bullish Signals: 3 SMA= 3 Day Simple Moving Average 3 SMA (68.33p) remains above 5 SMA (61.10p) 5 SMA (61.10p) remains above 8 SMA (53.28p) 8 SMA (53.28p) remains above 13 SMA (48.76p) 13 SMA (48.76p) remains above 21 SMA (44.28p) New Signal: 8 SMA crossed above 34 SMA - This is a nice signal to appear, because it suggests that this move towards the upside is more than merely a short term upward retrace within a bearish downwards cycle. - This also suggests that there is a substantial amount of bullish momentum and this was confirmed intra-daily this morning for me by the retrace to 77p that was then filled to a move back towards 1.54% up on the day (as I write this). - The next resistance level to break is at around 87p and then at 91.5p too, but once this has broken there's the potential for a very resistance free ride up etoro strategy http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/columnist/powell/2015/01/06/social-security-medicare-part-b/21291901/ towards the 150p level. Bearish Signal: The only bearish signal that the system is currently producing is a high slow stochastic figure, suggesting a certain level of over-purchase within this stock. http://themaskedstocktrader.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/quindell-technical-analysisquant-system.html

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