So What Can The Second Q7 Do For Audi In America?

With one month outstanding, 2014 had been the fifth successive year of file revenue at Audi. The brand set U.S. revenue files through November in 47 consecutive months. http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2014/12/can-second-q7-audi-america/

Junkyard Find: 1998 Ford Windstar Ice Cream Pickup

Seldom altered considering that the creation truck appeared for that 2004 model year, the Titan is now somewhat upsetting. Nonetheless as the vehicle never had the potential to tackle fullsize trucks from Honda, General Motors, and Ram – Toyota can’t either – inside the same way Nissan’s Altima could outsell their mid-size sedans and Nissan’s Versa their subcompacts, original U.S. size was reputable. http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2014/12/chart-day-11-years-nissan-titan-market-share/

This Is Excatly Why Alfa Romeo Matters: Alfa Romeo Montreal

For that matter, can there be anything creepier compared to Boogie Man Ice Cream vehicle? We observed this 1974 AM General FJ-8A ice-cream pickup in La last winter, and now I’ve located this undesirable-as-a-stale- Choco-Taco Ford Windstar  icecream truck in Denver. Yes, pleased Colorado children (or maybe Iowa or Wyoming children; some automobiles at this yard originate from these claims) once chased this merry Windstar, seeking Bomb Jumps, Large Neopolitans, and La Michoacana Tamarindo Paletas. Today, nevertheless, pigeons and mice treat on waxy Pie crypto - shards. http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2014/12/junkyard-find-1998-ford-aerostar-ice-cream-truck/

Chart Of Your Day: 11 Years Of Nissan Titan Market-Share

Fortunately, Autodelta was merely subsequently adding the Tipo 33 racer and its own path vehicle brother, the Sort 33 Stradale, operated by an all-new two-liter V8 motor Chiti had designed. A 90 degree style with double-overhead cameras for every canister lender, when bored out to 2.6 liters, with double electric ignition and mechanical fuel-injection, the Montreal’s motor was good for 230 hp at 6,500 rpm. At 1.25 horsepower per cubic-inch it had to get been one of the greatest unique output road manufacturing motors ever, though it was detuned in the model that is racing, using a pressure rate that is somewhat reduced. Effectiveness was quick, for your time, having a mph period of 7.1 seconds as well as a leading rate of 137 mph. Vacuum-assisted disk brakes were fitted whatsoever four wheels to slow the vehicle from that pace. The Montreal braking process additionally highlighted two hydraulic circuits, a safety feature that became relatively normal as the 1960s proceeded. http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2014/12/alfa-romeo-matters-alfa-romeo-montreal/